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South Florida Fashionistas


Make an appointment by e-mailing or calling, and come see us!


Find your GlamourDress (make sure you come to our showroom ahead of your event so that we have enough time to make any alterations, if needed)


Pick up your GlamourDress up to 2 days before your event


Wear the dress, look glamorous


Return your Glamourdress the day following your event.

***If alterations (i.e., hemming) is needed, you will need to e-mail or call us for approval as only certain alterations are permitted. Please do not make any alterations to the dress without our approval as this may result in a fine***


Benefits of renting, besides saving of course!

    Access to a huge “closet”!
    • We can share, no need for repeats. Our dresses are so affordable that you can wear a different dress for every occasion.
    No Need to Shop Around!
    • We have a big variety of dress styles. We know that your time is valuable and shopping around for a dress can become time consuming. We are constantly working on expanding our dress inventory to match you needs and personal styles.
    No Extra Work!
      • We are all about making your life easy. All you have to do is pick your GlamourDress, look glamorous in it, and return it on, or before, the scheduled date. We will take care of the rest. Our prices include dry cleaning.