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Terms of Service

All rental dresses are to be returned to GlamourDress within the allotted time frame as indicated on your rental order. A GlamourDress that is returned late is subject to fees at the rate of $30 a day for every day your GlamourDress is late. If a GlamourDress is not returned within 7 days after the set return date, this will be considered as a “purchase” and your card will be charged for the dress at %150 of its retail value less any late fees that have incurred. If a cancellation is necessary, customer must advise GlamourDress of the reservation cancellation (See Cancellation policy), no later than 15 days prior to the rental start date. GlamourDress rentals cover dry cleaning costs as well as minor wear and tears the dress may incur including: stuck zipper and minor stains that can be removed. The customer is responsible for any further damage the dress may incur including, but not limited to; loss, destruction, and/or theft of the dress, or unapproved alterations and/or damage beyond repair. In such cases, the customer agrees to pay for the necessary repairs and/or replacement of the dress to be determined, at our discretion, up to 100% market retail value on top of rental fee charged. In cases in which a customer has altered a GlamourDress to fit their needs (i.e., a temporary hem, strap adjustment, etc…), the customer is responsible to undo such alterations and return the GlamourDress back to its original state. If we, GlamourDress, need to alter the dress back to original state following its return, a $30 fee will be charged to card on file for such re-adjustments. At the event of damage sustained to the dress prior to the rental date, or a late return by a previous customer, in which case the GlamourDress is unavailable, GlamourDress reserves the right to offer you, the customer, another GlamourDress in its place at a 20% discounted rate OR a full refund.